Hero Banners sought for Central Avenue

The only significant complaint about Dunkirk’s Hero Banner program honoring veterans was that none of the signs were on Central Avenue. Program leader and city Councilmember Natalie Luczkowiak said Thursday they’re trying to get some of the second round of banners onto the street.

“Randy Woodbury (Department of Public Works Director) will have to call National Grid (for their permission). We want them on Central Avenue from Seventh Street to the city line,” she said.

Woodbury didn’t want to put the banners on Central Avenue closer to downtown when the program was inaugurated, because those poles already carry various signs and banners. Those concerns remain, “but from Seventh Avenue down there’s just a couple banners here and there,” Luczkowiak said.

Planners also want to be able to put a United States of America flag above each banner on Central Avenue, as the other banners around the city have such flags above them.

Luczkowiak acknowledged discord in the community about where the banners should be placed. Each banner honors an individual U.S. military veteran.

“Some people like having them in the walkway by the lake because you have time to look by them,” she said. “Others say, ‘Why don’t you have them on Central, aren’t you proud of your veterans?’ So there’s a difference of opinion about that.”

Luczkowiak said the program committee is considering removing individual banners after a few years, to free up space for more honorees. She emphasized that “nothing is set in stone,” but noted, “I’ve already got takers — people are asking, ‘Can I have my banner?'”


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