Stairs completed as part of Westfield project

Pictured are the stairs from the Westfield First Responder Tribute Facebook page.

WESTFIELD — For 150 years, Westfield Fire Responders have served the residents of Westfield township and village by doing as their motto states “They Always Go Above And Beyond.”

Now after a two-year wait the plan is to establish an outdoor terraced Amphitheatre and park space to honor Westfield Fire Responders. The department started in 1872 proclaims “Fire, Dedication, Rescue.”

The first part of the project, the steps, are now completed at 18-28 Portage St. Now the work will begin on the Amphitheatre that when completed will offer the community part of the revitalized downtown and deliver local programming to a variety of groups.

The village of Westfield received $450,040 to establish an outdoor terraced amphitheater and park space at the old Portage Inn site.

The revitalized open space will enhance the downtown and deliver local programming to a variety of groups.

It is one of several regional projects receiving a share of more than $23 million through part of Round XIII of the Regional Economic Development Council Initiative.

How important are the men and women of the Westfield Fire Responders? Remember on 911, 343 FDNY died at the World Trade Center. Today 11,000 current and former fire department employees suffer from World Trade Center related illnesses.

To date, fortunately no members of the Westfield Fire Responders have lost their lives. But every day they risk their lives for the residents of Westfield.


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