Clinton Avenue solar farm proposed

Someone apparently wants to install a solar farm at the end of Clinton Street in Fredonia.

The name of the company was not stated when Fredonia officials revealed the news at a Board of Trustees workshop this week.

The village received a letter of intent from the company.

“Great location for us, it’s in the middle of nowhere,” said Charles LaBarbera, Fredonia’s chief code officer. “It’s on the border of the town of Dunkirk. The only question I have is, it’s got two easements… so I’m not sure how that’s going to work out. They will need a lot of approvals but it could be a good project.”

Mayor Michael Ferguson asked LaBarbera if it was a commercial project. “Commercial. It’s going to be a big solar farm. We have no information other than the letter of intent,” LaBarbera replied.

He added, “For us, if you like solar projects, great – but sometimes they’re not really pretty, and not nice to look at. For us, it’s perfect – there’s no houses around there, it’s all commercial.”

Fredonia’s planning and zoning boards will likely weigh in and seek more information, LaBarbera said.

“We got this in the mail, and that’s the extent of it at this point,” Ferguson said.


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