Running the numbers: Silver Creek Schools propose no tax levy increase

OBSERVER Photo by Braden Carmen Pictured is Silver Creek Superintendent Dr. Katie Ralston.

SILVER CREEK — While many figures soar to new heights, Silver Creek residents can take comfort in knowing their school taxes will not be following the trend.

The Silver Creek Central School District recently approved a proposed budget more than $3.2 million above last year’s figure.

The total budget amount is $31,326,466, which is an increase of $3,221,307 from last year’s figure of $28,105,159. However, despite the sizable increase, the District proposed no increase to the school tax levy for District residents. Just as it did a year ago, the District is seeking to raise $6,344,616 through the tax levy, which is a 0% increase.

The District is expecting general support costs to rise $369,097 from last year, while administration costs have risen $507,969 to a total figure of $1,348,901. The cost of instruction, including teaching salaries, supplies and services, is up $1,866,153 from last year, bringing the total to $14,607,669.

Including the increased administrative costs and instruction costs, along with instructional media and pupil services, the total figure for instruction is $18,976,481 of the total $31,326,466 budget, or over 60% of the overall budget. The increase of $2,619,153 from last year’s instructional costs amounts to all but $602,154 of the total increase.

Employee benefits have also skyrocketed, including an increase of $127,393 to state retirement, an additional $76,607 to teacher retirements, and a jump of $133,352 to FICA. In all, benefits have risen $385,131 from last year, to a total figure of $5,902,431.

Transportation costs have also risen substantially. The proposed budget shows an increase of $178,326 from last year’s budgeted amount, driven by an increase in transportation salaries of $97,751, along with an additional $30,849 allocated to bus monitors, and an additional $29,000 allocated to equipment — from $6,000 this past year to $35,000 this upcoming year.

The District will hold its 2024-25 Budget Vote and all other related propositions on May 21 from 1 p.m. to 9 p.m. in the High School lobby.


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