A map to the heroes: Banners are proud statement in city

Dunkirk’s Hero Banners have been placed. More than 220 are located throughout the city.

First Ward Councilwoman Natalie Luczkowiak has sent the OBSERVER a listing of all the banner locations. They include:

Serval Street, from Lake Front Boulevard towards Lake Shore Drive

Harry Eugene Bernstein

Ronald T. Tofil and Edmund J. Wojcinski

Florian Banach and John Mazurek

Alexander N. Uszacki and Joseph J. Mroczka

Aloisius F. Kaus and Daniel A Pieszak

Edward A. Guziec and Frank M. Mleczko

Alphonse Piglowski and Henry P. Stolinski

John J. Michalak and Edward Jusko

Alfred (Fritz) Kubera and Harry S. Poweski

Stanley E. Sosinski

Lake Front Boulevard

from N Main towards Serval:

Thomas Lokietek and Robert F. Lokietek

from N Beaver Street towards Serval:

Ralph Arthur Letersky, Sr. And Donald Lewandowski

Leo C. Majka, Jr. and Leo C. Majka, Sr.

from N Beagle Street towards Serval:

Richard M. Pinkoski and Richard J. Pinkoski

from N Ermine Street towards Serval:

Walter Dykas and Richard E. Pinkoski

from Genet Street towards Serval:

Fred Hudson and Jack B. Bialaszewski

Albert C. Vande Velde and Leola Vande Velde Coniglio

from Leming Street towards Serval:

Robert Francis Wolfe and John Bernard Fedyszyn

from Armadillo Street towards Serval:

John Robert Fedyszyn and John Edward Fedyszyn

Stanley “Dolly” Fafinski and Richard L. Matyjakowski

from N. Pangolin Street towards Serval:

Edwin J. Kuzdale and Norman Begier

from N. Jerboa towards Serval:

Arthur Begier and Daniel V. Lasecki

from N Martin towards Serval:

Daniel T. Salerno and Leonard Kozlowski

from N Ocelot towards Serval:

Walter E. Marut and Michael P. Sikora

in front of Beach House:

Frank Scaglione and Carl Scaglione

Walkway, from N Main and Lake Front Boulevard to parking way on side of Tim Hortons

Richard F. Anson and Rocco Ardillo

Luis Manuel Fred and David G. Schulenberg

Felix Sweich and Peter Briggs

Robert Alton Schulenberg and Leonard Walter Golubski

Gerald J. Kubasik, Sr. and Edward M. Orcutt

Mildred Wuerstle and Leonard Catalano

Walkway, from parking way on side of Tim Hortons to the Pier

Daniel A. Odebralski and Leo V. Kubasik

John A. Jakubowicz and Joseph Albert Boner, Sr.

Hector L. Bauza and Mark S. Kubera

The Pier

left side facing the lake:

Leonard Phillips, III and Ronald W. Miller

Louie Ziegler and Andrew Dziduch

Donald J. Rozumalski and Richard L. Frey

Mildred Wuerstle and Richard M. Mackowiak, Sr.

right side facing the lake:

Edward R. Wlodarek and Mary Graf Gibbons

Craig Martin Sutton, Sr. and Roger A. Gotowka

Dennis Vanderlee and Tara Whitfield

Ricky Gene Waller and George H. Burns, Sr.

Memorial Park walkway walking towards the Yacht Club

Julio Rivera and Aurea Rivera Neal

Edwin Rivera and David Rivera

Robert S. McGraw and Arthur (Skip) Wuerstle

Samuel T. Gerace and Chester Cybulski

Bernard A. Kawski and Angelo Buffa

Frank Sobilo and John R. Miga

Chester Gliwa and Mathew J. Tworek

Joseph C. Catalano and Walter G. Lazarczyk

near Bart’s Cove:

Michael Sammartino and Peter Komada, Jr.

KIA Vietnam and Richard Matyakowski

Fourth Street

near Police Station:

Charles E. Graves

Aloysius Czekanski

Arthur J. Anders

Clinton E. Marks

near Community Bank:

Paul J. Luczkowiak

Michael M. Woloszyn

corner of Eagle:

James B. Schmatz

Central Avenue

from Seventh towards Millard Fillmore Drive:

Harold Edward Rusch

Frank J. Negro and Bernard W. Patz, Sr.

Frederick G. Long and James Lautenslaker

F. Michael Kennedy and Francis A. Kennedy

Patrick A. Kennedy and Norbert B. Lanski

David Glenn and John D. Koch

Louis T. Damico and Valentine J. Gestwicki

Samuel D. Campese and Edmund Andrew Aniszewski

Barney Kuzara and Gerald Kozlowski

from Howard Avenue to Millard Fillmore Drive:

George D. Hutchinson and Thomas J. Guziec, Sr.

Guy Kenyon Sievert

Raymond D. Warner and Henry Walas

Regina Tell and Harold Frank

Capt. Dorothy Whittaker

from Bataan Avenue towards Millard Fillmore Drive:

Francis W. Flynn and Anthony C. Corsoro

Paul James Dimmer and William F. Graf

Charles A. Mancuso and Michael P. Vinciguerra

from New York Avenue towards Millard Fillmore Drive:

Michael O’Boyle and Michael E. Pacos

Robert Roncska and David J. Karpinske

Daniel H. Szalkowski and Chester Kaleta

from Willowbrook towards Millard Fillmore Drive:

Earlie Lamar Waller and Peter C. Mancino

Ernest Tietz and Edward J. Urbanik

from Albany Avenue towards Millard Fillmore Drive:

Jason Curtis William and Joseph Anthony Polvino

Richard Szocki and Gerald V. Gestwicki

from Pennsylvania Avenue to Millard Fillmore Drive:

David R. Dow

from Wilson Avenue towards Millard Fillmore Drive:

Ronald J. Krystofiak

Douglas Eugene Waller and Anthony P. Taddio

Guy H. Epolito and Thomas W. Withington

Kenneth C. Ahlstrom and Joseph S. Siracuse

from Green Street towards Millard Fillmore Drive:

Floyd H. Kuzdzal and Gordon K. Cole, Jr.

Sam J. Leone

from Lafayette Avenue towards Millard Fillmore Drive:

Joseph J. Jasinski and Matty “Spot” Gee

Kennard Rogers Franklin and George T. Wheeler, Jr.

Thomas H. Ivory and James R. Wheeler

George H. McGraw and Richard F. Knight

James R. Wheeler and Koty Lewis Leeper

Jack F. Hood and Frank Vandevelde

Robert B. Dimmer and David J. Bleck, Sr.

Robert C. Henderson and special Vietnam KIA banner

Earl H. Brooks and David F. Graf, Sr.

Oak Street from Point to Gratiot Court

Daniel S. Somerfeldt

Richard M. Sosinski and Raymond J. Byczynski

Benjamin E. Poweski

James S. Lemanski and Terry F. Frazier

Eugene Harold Boner and Jerome D. Kuzara

Joshua Cosme and Edward W. Banach

Michael S. Gregoreski and Casimir Kuziora

Hector M. Rosas, Jr. and Sam J. Crea

The Point

from main entrance, driving through to exit:

Arthur E. Wuerstle

Leonard Jack Mathers and Donald Robert Thering “Rob”

Nicholas S. Andin

Leonard (Jack) Mathers and Stanley J. Sikora

Carmine Paul Vendette and Henry “Hank” A. Timmerman

from exit of Point near Lighthouse:

Gerald E. Carroll and Norman F. Pieszak

Norman Schmidt and George Damon Mayott

Point Drive North going towards Point

left side:

Edward J. Rak and Frank Levandowski, Sr.

Richard P. Jakubczyk and Donald J. Szynski

Charles Anthony Martinelli and Henry Wojcinski

Robert “Buddy” Kuzdale and Robert H. Meyers

right side:

Stanley Daniel Gliwa and Luis J. Cruz “Gweege”

Rex Olrogg and Frank J. Cutrona

David J. Lukasik and Thomas Madigan


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