Are you your own worst enemy?

Here’s another classic column from Margaret.

Have you put demands on yourself that have doomed you to failure? Start all over again. Concentrate on giving and you will receive more than you ever expected. What if the people you have been good to don’t appreciate what you did? That’s OK. You’re only accountable for your actions, not their reactions. Reward yourself, you know you did the right thing for the right reasons. They have no power over you unless you allow it.

If you see a woman dressed beautifully and who looks great, or a man that looks like a fashion plate why not tell them? If you have a good thought, share it! What’s holding you back? My husband was a good-looking man. Often in the beauty salon women would tell me, “Anytime you don’t want him, let me know.” Or “He can put his shoes under my bed anytime!” (I only allowed him one pair of shoes). I used to pass on the compliments to him. My sisters thought I was crazy. My reply to them was, “Do you think only ugly people like compliments?”

We both felt secure in our relationships and could afford to be generous. Our motto was, “You put me first and I’ll put you first, and we’ll both be first.” It worked. We loved each other and felt good about ourselves. The Bible says we’re supposed to love ourselves. That doesn’t mean to be conceited, but to thank God for his creation. My husband only looked in the mirror to shave. As for me, I needed a mirror to put on my lipstick and eyelashes. If you are obsessed with the mirror, you’ll see the flaws, too. Quit while you’re ahead.

Now let’s examine what has been said and see how we can improve our lifestyles. Let’s look at the people who are stingy with their compliments and are unloving. Do we want to be like them, or do we want to be better? By being better we might be an example for others and together we can change lives. In my mirror’s eye I can see each of us standing in the middle of a seesaw. We can say nasty words that will put the person on the seesaw of life down in the ground, or we can give praise and love and lift them up. Just think how much power we have for good or evil. You can do this to yourself or for yourself.

Here’s an example. I served on a college council for ten years. I was the only one on the board without a college degree. Well, I could have felt inferior or I could have felt good about myself because I was appointed even though I had no degree. I chose to feel good and do the best job I could. Life is full of choices. Take the positive choice for yourself.

Wisdom – if you keep your spirits up, they will never let you down.

Humor – if you keep your spirits up, sooner or later they’ll have to get some sleep!

Wisdom and Humor make an ideal couple!


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