‘Accountability’ missing at Brooks

While Brooks Memorial Hospital may be a private, not for profit entity, the current board seems unaware, oblivious to the fact that previous boards have come to the area businesses and residents to support their needs, expansions. I am sure in a perusal of past years newspaper articles there would be mentions of the thousands of dollars raised and donated to them.

Now, to totally disregard the people they are supposed to serve is a real slap in the face.

It does not show consideration to us that there is so much secrecy in their operation. It leads to suspicions and indicates possible underhanded dealings.

If, in truth, the possibility exists that building can take place on the newest wing, then why is that not being considered?

The suggested site in Fredonia does not show much foresight or concern about very possible problems, especially with school traffic, and the state proposed two-lane roundabout at Routes 20 and 60. Older drivers, trucks, buses and emergency vehicles in this region at the same time is a recipe for numerous disasters.

Regarding the possibility of Brooks being a “feeder” hospital for Buffalo, Erie, Pittsburgh — if beds are not available when needed, as has already been the case, then what? Just hold patients in limbo until one becomes available?

Let’s get some sensible thinking regarding this matter … the sooner, the better.

RosaLee Owen is a Dunkirk resident.