Williams again plays both sides

The OBSERVER's view

For the record, we do not care how Dunkirk Common Council member Don Williams Jr. votes one election day. That is his private decision.

But how Williams votes as an elected official is another matter. Last week, he again tried to play both sides.

In continuing his push for four-year council terms — and it is a very public push by the First Ward official — Williams told OBSERVER City Editor Jo Ward he would be voting against the proposal if it gets on the ballot in November.

That sounds very wishy-washy.

“My only thought on this, contrary to what the editor at the OBSERVER wants to say, it’s not been selfish. It’s been so that everybody in the community gets to vote and have a say on this, not just the five of us sitting here,” he said. “I would like to see this go to the public and actually vote on it.”

But it is “selfish.” Out of all the problems facing the city — a bloated municipal budget, sub-par roads, safety issues, poor housing conditions, empty buildings downtown, high taxes and fees, an empty NRG facility, a looming move by Brooks Hospital, beaches that need cleaning as well as many others — this has become the legislative priority for Williams. It does not fix any of those city’s problems.

By the way, has any resident clamored for this change publicly other than Williams? Of course not.

Do the job — and put constituents first, not yourself. The rewards will come in the form of re-election.