Fieldbrook impacts school situation

There is one more major factor in the concern over the recent COVID-19 outbreak at Fieldbrook Foods that needs to be addressed. That is with the city schools.

Dunkirk, which has nearly 2,000 individuals enrolled, is a district in need. Take a look at the free breakfast and lunch programs that are so vital to feeding our youth and members of their families.

But some of these individuals who attend school are directly impacted by what is happening at Fieldbrook. They live within a radius of the plant — or there are family members who work there.

Even if they are not showing symptoms yet, those individuals could be carriers as nearly everyone is not wearing any facial protection while at home with family. This is reason for concern.

Dunkirk is already delaying the start of the return to school. That’s good news when considering the city is the hot spot in the county for this serious illness.


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