Interim choice ‘best’ for department

Whoever replaces Dunkirk director of development Rebecca Wurster has some big shoes to fill. Wurster, who quietly made things happen in her position during most of Mayor Wilfred Rosas’ term, has taken on a new role with the Chautauqua County Planning Department.

It is, however, nice to see Jill Meaux, community development planner, filling the interim role. Meaux has an excellent handle on what is happening. In her role, especially through Community Development and Block Grants, she has the background necessary to do an excellent job, as noted recently by Rosas.

“Jill was the person that we felt was best for the department to act as director until I find somebody,” Rosas said. “Her qualifications are very good, in fact I actually asked her if she was interested in the permanent position and she said that as of right now she is not.”

Dunkirk is going through some major issues right now. A council and mayor that is not working together, an approved 2021 budget that has flaws and serious COVID-19 concerns will be continue to be in the spotlight in coming weeks.

Meaux definitely will help bring plenty of stability to the position in the meantime.


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