Firefighter request is a small price

Volunteer firefighters for the town of Dunkirk made a worthwhile pitch to the board earlier this month. East Dunkirk Fire Chief Kyle Damon said an extractor, which is a piece of equipment used by fire departments to thoroughly clean their protective equipment, in order to keep themselves and their families safe in their own home, would be a valuable addition.

Any time you go to a fire, you’re obviously exposed to numerous carcinogens,” Damon said. “You take that stuff home in your vehicle, to your family and kids. There’s a report that found that firefighters’ children are 27% more likely to develop cancer because of exposure to this.”

According to Damon, the device costs around $12,000. With nine active volunteers who are handling nearly 300 calls this year, it is something both the East and West departments could use — and something neighboring Sheridan would like to purchase as well.

Either way, these are volunteers who respond when called upon — sometimes at all hours of the day. That $12,000 is a small price to pay to keep them safe.


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