state of State: Hochul’s address lacking on details

Other than its relative brevity, there were few surprises in Gov. Kathy Hochul’s State of the State speech last week.

Hochul wants to bring back to-go alcohol to help restaurants, tax cuts for small businesses, and promise lots of money for education, environmental issues, health care workers and infrastructure. Those are all broad brush strokes that few can argue against.

It’s when we start seeing the details that complaints will arise.

How will the state pay for tax breaks, tax rebates for low- and middle-income residents and more housing for the poor while also making investments in schools, addiction services and infrastructure while adding another billion dollars to the state’s environmental bond act that will be on the ballot in November?

Hochul alluded to the state’s outmigration of population as an issue, but wasn’t really clear about any plan to help fix the issue.

Hochul kept the State of the State short and sweet, with an emphasis on sweet, for a reason. She knows if she wants to give another State of the State she needs to survive what promises to be a bruising primary and general election fight.

But warm fuzzies don’t tend to make for good policy, so we’re interested to see the details of her proposals as the state budget is released. That’s where the rubber will meet the road.


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