Columnist amazed by the area

Most of you know I was born in Fredonia and many of you know I expect to die in Fredonia. There is nothing amazing about that, but what you don’t know is that this area never stops amazing me.

As most of you readers know, I’m now living in WCA Home on Temple Street. Circumstances in my life changed, and my son found this place for me. You wouldn’t believe all the beautiful people I’ve met here. Oh, I’m not talking about figures and faces, I’m talking about beauty of souls and the desire to serve. I’m not only talking of the workers, I’m also talking about the planning they do to keep us entertained. And so much of it is done by volunteers.

Unfortunately, we only hear about the troublemakers and not enough about all the volunteers that help clean the area and volunteers who entertain throughout the area.

Recently, Josie Leone and her group came to sing for us during the holidays and after the holidays. She’s still in her 80s and keeps on strumming on her guitar and still singing. Her sister Geri Pomroy plays drums and a woman who is a retired teacher, Angie Smith Leone comes, and a gentleman named Louie Klemann. They all sing and play instruments. They love to do this, and it is reflected in their delivery. The residents love to sing the old songs with them. Isn’t it amazing how so much joy is shared! In keeping on that note I’m going to talk about our Saint Pat’s celebration. It was the best St. Pat’s celebration I’ve ever celebrated. Every person in the room had a beautiful smile on her face. The program was presented by “The Friends of the WCA Home.” The first group had Lucy Hurley at the piano. She has a strong voice, too. We sang a lot of oldies together.

Then the second group was dancers from the Collage Performing Arts Center. They ranged in age from five years up. They did several dance numbers and they had the audience eating right out of their hands.This group is so good they are going to compete in world competition. There we were, seeing the world’s best as volunteers. We live in a beautiful area.

Each resident received a green necklace. Refreshments were served at the event. I’m sure there are other groups in our area who are doing similar things. I write about what I see. I’m sure there are other groups being entertained in the area. We need to hear about them. We need to build up the area with truth. It’s a wonderful place to live. People really care about each other and act on their feelings.

I’ve been getting cards and letters from various people who used to live in this area and are no longer in the area, but still read the column. They are encouraged by the column and it reminds them of the strong principles we were brought up with. Like respect respecting our family name, respect for ourselves, especially our bodies. Doesn’t anyone care any more?

I watched hemlines go from ankles to knees and now to the unmentionables. Is there more sickness around? How far will it go? Have you been able to keep the same principles? I hate to see it all pass away.

There are others that feel like I do and are encouraged when I express myself. Let’s keep the things that make us feel good. What do you think?