Another attack on U.S. freedoms

Russia waged a major attack against the United States in the past year. The attack came as a cyber attack, the newest weapon in the war chests, with the explicit purpose of interfering with our elections and our democratic process. The attack was direct hit, with Russia gaining and then releasing information meant to confuse, embarrass and discredit one candidate over another.

All of our national security intelligence has confirmed the attacks and those responsible. The CIA, FBI, Homeland security and others, for a total of 17 of our most trusted, well informed intelligence agencies have all come to the same conclusion … Russia … and specifically Vladmir Putin are behind the attacks. The motive for the attack was to help to undermine and discredit the leading candidate, Hillary Clinton, in favor of the underdog, Donald Trump. It appears it was an effective attack, getting the results it has set out as its goal. The attack not only was aimed at the highest office, but directed at congressional elections as well, having success in several major races across our country. Again, attacking Democratic party candidates in favor of the GOP.

No, I am not specifically advocating negating the results of our election. I am not sure how we should proceed knowing that a foreign country helped to elect our newly president elect. We may never know how much of the attack may have influenced the results of this election. However, we must as Americans call for an immediate investigation into the attacks, how they occurred and most importantly how we can prevent them in the future.

We must call on Congress to begin a full and complete investigation into this attack, who knew what and when, and how and what we need to do to prevent such an attack in the future. We all need to be outraged that such an attack can be waged against our system of democracy, directed specifically to undermine and impact on our elections.

I join the bipartisan call for a special investigation into this attack. I support Sens. Chuck Schumer, John McCain, Lindsey Graham and Jack Reed in their call to create a Senate select committee on cyber attacks, a panel that Schumer said would focus not only on Russian meddling but also potential threats from other countries, including China and Iran. In the words of Sen. Schumer “We want to find out what the Russians are doing to our political system and what other foreign governments might do to our political system, and then figure out a way to stop it. Only a select committee can do it.” I cannot agree more.

Perhaps no greater unity of Americans, as one people, is realized as when we are attacked by a foreign entity. The attack was a direct assault on our system of democracy and our values of free and open elections. As Americans we must safeguard our elections, the fundamental cornerstone of our entire democracy.

In unity, we call for an immediate and thorough full investigation into this most recent attack as well as ways we can protect ourselves from any future attacks. I hope all will join me in calling for this investigation … our democracy depends on it. It is time to put partisan politics aside and come together as One Country to stand together against all attacks against our values and democracy.

In closing, no, Mr. Trump — it is not “ridiculous” and not just an excuse on why Democrats lost. And, by the way, you did not win in any landslide. Perhaps if you attended intelligence briefings you would have seen the evidence that points, with NO DOUBT, to the attacks by Russia, led by Putin, into our elections.

This is a very serious attack, one that should alarm EVERY American. We are under attack and must get to the bottom of it. I hope you, sir, are up for the job.

Sincerely, A Patriot.

Judi Lutz Woods is a Fredonia resident.


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