An alternative view to evolution

An apple tree, a potato, a rabbit, an alligator, an eagle, a mosquito, or a man; are all variations of life. We don’t really know what life is, but it is difficult to believe that it all evolved by chance from an accident. I do not accept that I and the mosquito are cousins, even though some may carry my blood. (ha ha) The theory of evolution tries to explain the existence of life by material means only. I’ll reword that old question which ignores that it takes two to tango to read; “Which came first, two chickens, or two eggs?”

Any of you who have read my articles on these pages have surely seen some where I have been critical of Charles Darwin’s theory of evolution. I recently came across a book by Douglas Axe. He has a Ph.D., and is the director of the Biologic Institution in Seattle. He held postdoctoral and research scientist positions at the University of Cambridge and the Cambridge Medical Research Center. His work has been published in many scientific papers including the Journal of Molecular Biology, the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, and Nature, and quoted in many other works. That’s more than enough to impress me.

The thing that caught my eye about his book, was its title, “Undeniable” “(How Biology Confirms our Intuition That Life is Designed.)” His code reference on the origin of life throughout the book is “Intelligent Design.” The chapters reflect his biological rational of how Darwin was simply mistaken. I must admit that I found it somewhat inspiring to come across a treatise which was so definite on a subject I felt important, but alone on. It was my expressed feeling that a lot of scientists no longer truly believed in evolution, but being busy with their own work, accepted it until something better came along. I had no idea that it was coming so quickly. Douglas Axe uses the term Intelligent Designer to be less challenging to the scientific community at large than using the word God, although they both effectively mean the same thing.

The world is at a new crossroads. We have come so far in our understanding in my lifetime that many assumed facts, forms, and fancies are going to change considerably. The main forces today are not between the Republicans and Democrats, or the Communists, Socialists and Democracies, but between the believers in a Supreme Being, and the atheists or agnostics. Put into political terms it is between the children, who want the government to take care of them so they are free to play, and the adults, who want government to allow them the liberty to develop themselves into the intelligent, self-sufficient, creatures they are meant to be.

The Socialists think that the more the country is filled with uneducated people who need help, the more power they will have in their citadel to control the wealth. That’s why the socialists have no problem with a completely open border. If you think that those thousands of people approaching our southern border are doing this suddenly all on their own, you are foolish indeed. Someone is paying out a lot of money to keep them inspired, fed and determined in their trek. This had to be planned, recruited and organized well in advance with many promises.

Learning to communicate was one of early man’s major challenges. His blessing was that as they learned, and developed communication skills, they were able to pass it on to the next generation.

Prehistoric man had as much ability for understanding as we do. He just had no organized information available to understand. He was his own reference book. Is that so difficult to see? There were no dictionaries, no established facts. He was therefore ignorant. But being capable, he was his own teacher. He was my grandfather of generations past. I’m proud of him, so I’ll give him a break, he earned it. It’s our ball to understand now, so let’s run with it. May God bless America.

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