President facing battle at home


I want to acknowledge those who have served this country in the military, especially those who gave their lives or returned home with injuries and other afflictions while protecting our freedoms. Some families have to go on without their loved ones and that pain will go on throughout their lifetime.

The VA Hospital is full of those warriors who served. The only disheartening thing to those who have served this country and to those still serving are those who are running a smear campaign against our President Donald Trump. This hatred has been going on since he was elected president.

It’s not only from the other party, it is also from those big names in Hollywood. What really concerns me is when the president and his family went to Pittsburgh to show concern for the families affected by the horrific shooting at the synagogue. Why was the Pennsylvania governor and Pittsburgh mayor not welcoming and appreciative of our president?

The media also seems to have a campaign going against this president since he took office. How can we show the rest of the world how ignorant these actions are?

America sure is divided. If we cannot support or respect our president, how can we as a country remain united?

Richard Makuch is a Dunkirk resident. Send comments to