Values, responsibility begin at home


Discipline means mental and moral training, obedience to rules, training, chastisement. My question today is: how many parents are in that category when it comes to discipline?

Let’s look at what today’s parents are responsible for toward their kids. Some are responsible only for themselves and not their kids. Some are just there to make it look good. Some are not there at all. Some are there in name only.

I am not being critical of some parents. There are some who try to be good parents, but it is hard with today’s political correctness, which was born during the last administration by liberal politicians who infected our colleges with liberal professors who are against this country’s common sense ideals. It spread into our cities, states, into our heartland.

If you question the liberals’ teachings, you are called a racist. If you don’t agree with them, they form groups and protest against you. You are not allowed to speak your opinion in the colleges because the professors will ban you from that college and the brain-washed students will obey them and agree to those policies.

I was a witness to a teenager in church during a recent funeral. During the Mass and during the ceremonies for the deceased, who was a veteran, this teenager was alone in the pew, stretched out in a slouching position and drooping posture. In my eyes, this teen was showing a great deal of disrespect not only for the Mass, but also toward his relative who fought for this country.

Where were the parents to discipline this type of behavior? They were nowhere to be found.

This is what I mean about absent parenting. What is this teenager going to be like when he gets older? Will he think that it’s OK to show disrespect to others? Will he grow up to be in trouble because his parents didn’t care about his behavior? Parenting is a full-time job.

We all suffer the consequences of bad parenting.

Richard Makuch is a Dunkirk resident.