Some have no idea how good they have it


It is my firm belief that no one raised in the United States can fully comprehend what it is like to live under an absolute dictatorship. Your life is not yours. It belongs to the dictator.

There is no free speech. There are no protests against the dictator. You cannot be critical against this type of government.

Your life is not yours. To act on your own beliefs is not tolerated.

Now let’s take a look at what is happening in the United States by those who live here, but are not considered real Americans because they never had to endure any other kind of life under another type of government. They are considered spoiled people who live here. There are radical groups in this country who constantly complain about everything.

They protest for freedom, dignity and justice. Human rights for everyone — good food, good medical care, respect and freedom. Some groups have the nerve to compare our government to Hitler in Germany. Some groups are in favor of open borders. These so-called concerned people are really in another world if they honestly believe all of this propaganda.

It seems to me that these people have never read “The World At War.” Anyone who compares this type of garbage to our country are poor lost souls to me. It is very obvious that that these poor lost souls never lived under the Hitler regime, who killed civilians, took over their countries because they didn’t have a strong enough army.

Have any of you poor lost souls been in a concentration camp? Have any of you poor lost souls ever been out of this country to see how the other countries operate? Are any of you poor lost souls living with injuries from protecting poor lost souls? Have any of you poor lost souls gone to a funeral for a veteran or a police officer who gave their lives for you, poor lost souls, so you could protest?

You are really poor lost souls who live in this country.

Richard Makuch is a Dunkirk resident. Send comments to