All potential starts small

The acorn is evidence, and symbolic of potential? Somehow, it carries within itself the secret of the giant, oak tree. All life comes from preceding life, in the form of a seed. When the magic involved in a seed germinating, and begins its growth potential, it expresses a transformation which modern science has not really, and specifically, understood. There must be more to life than mechanics.

Especially if one looks at the life of almost any human. They also begin as a tiny seed, and grow to become a master of their life and environment. Men like Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein or even the most common decent man, baffles one to understand how that intelligence grows from the potential of a tiny seed. How can so much potential be encapsulated in such a tiny seed. What happens? We don’t really know, but we take for granted the destiny of each seed, because we have learned that they always produce what is expected.

If we wish to harvest a healthy crop of cabbage, we understand that to get the best harvest we must give the seed a leg up on all the various plants which are vying for space in the garden. We must hoe out the weeds on a regular basis. We must irrigate if necessary, and we must see that the plants we wish to grow are fed an ample supply of nourishment.

Humanity is not always as particular about how the seeds we plant in our human garden are cultivated. Many seeds are planted only as opportunity arises, and left to develop as they will. Some of us try to irrigate, and nourish our seeds as best we can, but we often leave much up to the environment we can’t avoid as much as anything else. We’re often too busy living.

I’d not be surprised if research revealed that most people of unusual, positive achievement were often carefully loved, inspired, and believed in by their mothers. Wandering a supermarket often gives one the opportunity to see that some human mothers often see their children as more of a nuisance than a blessing. I know my mother’s unfailing love, appreciation, and belief in me, was a lighthouse on the shore, as I tried to navigate the days of my growth and development. That’s not a put down of my father, but fathers play a different roll in a child’s upbringing than mother’s do. Fathers plant a seed, but mothers nourish, and give it life. Fathers may set an example, but mothers set a soul.

However, my purpose is to marvel at the unbelievable potential which is carried in a seed, any seed. Whether in plants or animals, many seeds become lost on the breezes of occasion. The earth is not big enough to fulfill them all. Life comes in so many different unrelated packages, that it doesn’t seem realistic to reduce life’s beginning down to a single squirming amoeba, the result of a meaningless chemical flair. If the theory of evolution really happened as proposed, it was not an accident. It was a conceived system. Nothing in the universe has ever been an accident, because as we now understand, everything in the universe is closely and unfailingly controlled by fixed laws, which cannot be modified or changed. They can be manipulated, as we have sometimes learned to do, but never omitted. If the laws of nature had a volition of their own, we would be in real trouble, not knowing what to do next. In fact the universe would collapse in mayhem.

Existence requires law, order, and continuity, all of which require intelligence, and to be expressed, intelligence requires existence. That round robin is a statement of reality. It speaks of an eternity which comes back around on itself, like the circumference of a circle. When we learn how to effectively raise and educate our children, humanity will usher in a new age, an epiphany, an intuitive understanding of being alive. May God bless America.

Richard Westlund is a Collins resident. Send comments to