Money matters in Brooks’ deal

I write this letter as a concerned citizen. I have read article after article about the location for the new Brooks Hospital. Being that I am not privy to all the information and actual facts, I have drawn my own conclusion as to what I feel is happening.

My father always said follow the money if you want to get to the heart of the matter so who has the most to gain by the location? Number one, the property owners followed by contractors along with vendors and some officials.

My dad was a member of a organization called CAB, a citizen action board who fought low income housing in Dunkirk. He had seen first hand what it had done in other cities. They fought so hard and began to be noticed by the upper level government and contractors as a problem to their plans for the housing in Dunkirk he told me how he was offered at that time $25,000 for what you ask, well the way they put it they told him and another gentleman from CAB that they knew they had incurred expenses and they would like to help them with those expenses.

In other words a bribe. They were the only thing standing in the way of their project they did not take the deal but little by little other members of the organization did give in and received jobs promised to them and family members and other political favors and CAB was destroyed.

Enough of that part of the story now to gets to this new endeavor of a Brooks location. Ask yourself these simple questions: Why does the hospital have to be built in Fredonia or anywhere else outside of Dunkirk ? The mayor said they have done all they can do. It’s up to the governing body for Brooks so who does the governing body answer to? Land owners, contractors, vendors. Follow the money. Does this governing body really have the best interest of the people at heart? Or is it possible like urban renewal who are those that really benefits from this project.?

There are locations on Route 60 in the town of Dunkirk which were once looked at what became of those they were ideal locations plenty of room easy access to water and sewer right off Thruway exit. Strange nothing became of those locations. Publisher John D’Agostino made some comments (Feb. 22) that the city of Dunkirk should take some offense to. He does not believe that Dunkirk will not suffer economically if the hospital leaves. Who is he trying to convince on that fairy tale? He mentions the Masonic fire. What does that have to do with the location of the hospital? He states Central Avenue is at rock bottom. So what is his plan, to finish it off?

Now they want to build the hospital in the most ridiculous location with the school across the street along with the busiest intersection and business district in Chautauqua County with a proposed roundabout being built there on Routes 20 and 60. What could be possibly be wrong with this plan?

In closing, do the right thing. Build the hospital in the city or town of Dunkirk and stop the nonsense because Brooks and its directors have given no concrete reason why Dunkirk or the town cannot be the location of Brooks Hospital. Seventy million dollars can be spent in the city or town of Dunkirk and just maybe it will give the city or town a step off rock bottom. Remember, follow the money it takes you to the heart of everything.

James R. Lisa is a Silver Creek resident.