Snowman is welcome sight for resident

We all have stories to share and we want everyone who reads this to understand why I wanted to write about the blessings I’ve received.

I have lived here, been educated here, taught in our Silver Creek Central School, have shared my Faith with everyone who I fellowship with and am so blessed with my family.

My parents taught my two sisters and two brothers and myself the values that helped us to be there for everyone we fellowship with. Why am I writing this? To share what two of my close friends did for me.

Here is a little background why this story took place. Wherever I go, I fellowship with so many while shopping, etc. We discuss our families, health, what we are doing to keep busy and then we all cover the weather, how that affects us. As we share, I always tell everyone I’m a dyed-in-the wool Northerner and just love making snowmen. Yes, I get a lot of smiles and laughter. Several of my friends wanted to come and help me make one but the snow wasn’t the best for snowmen this year.

Like I said, there isn’t anyone who hasn’t heard me say, I love making snowmen. Well I had to go to a meeting a couple of weeks ago and when I drove home and came to my house and there in my front yard was a huge snowman. I broke down in tears, so I called a neighbor to find out if they knew who made this for me and so thankful they saw them and knew them.

Yes, they were two I’ve been connected with for years. Helped with her pre-school program and fellowship together in a number of ways and shared faith at Christ Chapel Church.

Who were these two special people? Helen and Niles Denning.

Helen – we have shared so many joyful experiences together. I’m sure everyone who read this will bring to mind those who have been a blessing for them.

The OBSERVER has placed a picture of this special snowman and if you drive by my house, you will agree it is special and why I had to share why Helen and Niles Denning have been a blessing in my life.

Niles and Helen Dening, All my love and God Bless.

Marge Foxton is a Silver Creek resident.