Jumping into the deep end with words

Words have meaning. That is certainly a simple statement. If they didn’t have meaning they would not exist. Without words, could our lives progress in any way? Words portray, and are symbols of thoughts. By the same token, if a mosquito never existed, we would have no such word in our language. A lot of words have only a general implication, like gizmo, or gadget. Some serve to complete understanding by giving grammatical coherence. How could the Wright brothers develop a flying machine without language? Don’t kid yourself. It couldn’t happen.

There are words however which are especially important. They stand alone in language, like the huge columns on the portico of a court of divine justice. They have meaning in which one leads to another, and they are seldom found in day to day, flippant, meaningless, conversation, but are understood by everyone. Among, but not all of them, are words like: Purpose, Organization, Cooperation, Assimilation, Productivity, Reality and Predictability. Predictability is possible only as a result of the realization of the words going before it. Perhaps we should remember what it means to be Organized. Webster says it is “To make into a whole with any consolidated group of elements, especially a body of persons organized for some specific purpose, to make into a whole with unified and coherent relationships.” Even without the persons, it is still collaboration, or mutual reinforcement, for a specific purpose. Without the meaning that these seven words named and capitalized above infer, there would be no predictability or even a universe.

I realize that last statement is a real mouthful, but without the existence of the meanings they symbolize, how could anything exist. I understand that there are many people who believe that existence has no Purpose, but Purpose gives birth to Organization, and without that there could only be mayhem and no Organized universe. If you don’t believe the universe is well Organized, I would suggest you haven’t been paying attention to reality. Without organization how could there be any predictability in anything? Without predictability there could never be anything resembling intelligence! Isn’t the crown jewel of intelligence its ability for predictability? Words can be misleading, but they also give meaning to what is real and true.

Organization is the beginning of Cooperation, Assimilation and Productivity, which give us Reality, and the experience of Life, Truth and Love. Whether we recognize it or not, we live in a creation controlled by Purpose, Organization, Cooperation, Assimilation, Productivity, Reality and Predictability. While Frank Sinatra polished his fame singing “I Did it My Way,” … his way, your way, or my way, are meaningless if they fail to recognize reality. I might add here that we are all a little bit daffy … you, me, and Frank Sinatra. That’s why we have problems.

I realize that many of you, even if you manage to complete reading this article, will toss it off saying, “Words, words, it’s all just words.” That’s my whole point. Words do have meaning, They interpret reality. They give meaning to human life. They stand and represent everything and anything of which we may conceive. Without the language, and the resulting communication we have with one another through words, we would have little more than the innate intelligence of our pet dog.

I repeat, if mosquitoes never existed, we would have no such word in our language. Do we really believe that intelligence, which manages the entire universe, and which gives, and maintains our very lives, is an accident, or an invention we came up with on our own? Intelligent management is demonstrated in the management of the entire universe, and is beyond our ability to understand or even imagine. There are those who believe nothing they cannot imagine. That is why life is ever progressing in learning and growth. Some seeds germinate and some do not. I’m just trying to plant seeds and water the garden. May God bless America.

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