State testing system is flawed

It is a shame that for the second time in two years the computer based grades 3-8 state ELA exams have been interrupted by technical issues.

More times than not, during the past decade, there has been some issue with either the state math or the state ELA exams, be it content, scoring or technical difficulties. In addition to the computer glitches that interrupted the delivery of this year’s exams, on every current grade level exam, all but one of the session two extended response questions are to be graded on a two point scoring rubric.

There’s not much delineation of student performance when the only choices for scoring students’ writing are 0, 1 or 2. The State Education Department and their hired vendors just can’t seem to get this testing thing right.

As a taxpayer, parent and educator I am sick and tired of seeing tax dollars being wasted, instruction time being lost and children and teachers being stressed by the administration of these specious state tests.

Anyone who is still unwavering in their support of this testing program is simply ignoring the facts. Are you?

Andrew Ludwig is a retired middle school principal from Fredonia and is now the principal at Northern Chautauqua Catholic School.