Casting some other alternatives

This is in reference to the new pier improvements, I would like to introduce some ideas from my point of view.

What is the city thinking?

I feel as a city resident, fisherman and boat owner for the last 35 years, I can offer some insight into what is currently taking place.

First, we should dig up Central Avenue all the way to the Chautauqua County Fairgrounds and create a Grand Canal; put in some functional boat launches where boat owners could actually see their boats while parking their trailers. This should create several miles of new businesses popping up all along Central Avenue. Just think of the money maker that would be!

Second, fill the entire harbor with garbage which is presently going to the landfill. This would generate a massive income structure to replace lost revenue from Niagara Mohawk. When the entire harbor is full, it would be capped with cement and create a massive venue for parties, bands, businesses, politicians, development directors, etc.

We would no longer need a Harbor Commission, so to diminish the size of bureaucracy. We should start working on a grant to get this all for free.

When this is all accomplished I would be glad to submit the pictures I have from before the strip mall was built, taking away some 45 trailer parking spots on the dock and the handful of fishermen who just try to find some form of peaceful tranquility and sport.

Do you remember?

Edward H. Beatty is a Dunkirk resident.