Drayo served village with professionalism


This is to publicly thank and commend attorney Sam Drayo Jr. for his many years of dedication to the Village of Fredonia, and for his continued service in that capacity.

A bit of history is in order. The following anecdote comes from the The Fredonia Censor, a weekly newspaper published from the 1820s to the 1960s. In 1913, a young Samuel Drayo, Sr., who was a child from an immigrant family in Fredonia, won second prize in a contest sponsored by Fredonia merchants. First prize would have been a pony, but second prize was $25 in gold.

Samuel Drayo, Sr. grew up to become a talented and courteous lawyer, who also became an expert in village law and served as Fredonia’s attorney for many years. Sam, Jr. then followed in his father’s footsteps. The father and son were the village attorney for a combined total of more than seven decades. Their tenure spanned the terms of a dozen mayors, both Democrat and Republican.

The two men studied the full history of Fredonia, from its incorporation in 1829 to the present; due to their deep knowledge of legal matters in the village, they could research and provide a wealth of information on any topic requested by the various administrations which they served. Although Sam Jr. retired from his official capacity with the village a few years ago, he still shares his expertise at public meetings, and at no charge.

Those who know and love Fredonia, and especially those who grew up in the village, owe a tremendous and everlasting debt of gratitude to Sam and his father.

Wendy Straight is an Arkwright resident.


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