Losing battle fought by Democrats

I continue to think that the Washington, D.C., Democrats are so poor, constantly on a hate campaign against the President of the United States and constantly against any ideas that the president has. Even if it makes sense, they don’t seem to care about this country.

The only thing they care about is a constant hate campaign. They are losing any type of common sense they had. They don’t seem to care about anything else but a constant battle against our president.

It seems the whole Democratic party has gone over the deep edge and it does not look that they can recover from their madness. Running a close second are the Democrats in Albany. They are in favor of the deaths of newborn babies. In fact, they had a standing ovation when they passed this bill.

They are in favor of giving felons the right to vote. They give prisoners in our state jails cell phones, up-to-date computers, early release for those felons, allowing illegals to stay in New York state without any type of citizenship.

They think that the death penalty is inhumane, but it is OK to kill the newborn babies. They want open borders. They protect those illegal aliens from proper prosecution and allow them to break our laws.

The prisoners in our jails have more rights than those guards who are supposed to guard them. Not only have Democrats in Washington gone insane, but also the Democrats as well in Albany.

When will they start to worry about God-fearing, hard-working law-abiding citizens of this state and country?

Now they want to harass the National Rifle Association, the only organization that protects all gun owners in this state and country. If the climate continues, only the criminals will have guns.

So Mr. and Mrs. Democrats, you have security and walls around your homes, but we don’t. Wake up before it is too late.

Richard Makuch is a Dunkirk resident. Send comments to editorial@observertoday.com


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