Mayor’s accusation done in wrong venue

I often watch or listen to the Village Board meetings on TV or YouTube as was the case of the May 6 meeting. I then read with interest Mayor Athanasia Landis’ comments in the OBSERVER (May 8).

While I was watching the meeting, I wondered why the mayor would make such comments about a trustee during the public meeting.

I have only lived and worked here in the village for about 40 years so I may have missed something at one point or another. But character assassinations such as these have never been a part of an open board meeting that I can remember.

She states, “This is a sad thing, but I have to report it.” Why mayor? Why here and now?

It’s not because you have to, it’s because you want to. You want to make someone look bad in the eyes of the public. You do it because you love character assassinations of people who disagree with you in any manner.

She goes on to state that it is her responsibility to report this incident to trustees. Maybe, but not in an open forum.

Isn’t that what executive sessions are for? To discuss one or more employees’ actions or actions of employees that can affect their employment?

She then notes, “I will inform the Department of Labor as I have the responsibility of doing.”

Maybe. But if the Labor Department finds no reason to take any action in this matter, the mayor has smeared the employee prematurely. Since the mayor brought it to the public’s attention, I believe that it is her responsibility to also bring the department’s findings to the public as well.

The mayor also revealed there was a physical injury not caused by the trustee but was the result of an altercation. That makes it sound as though there was a physical altercation between the trustee and the injured party. But if that is not the case, it would be her responsibility to make sure the police were notified and a report of the injury was documented.

Was there a police report? The mayor states the person had to go to the emergency room the next day. This would probably lead people to believe there was a physical injury.

The mayor also stated, “Nobody is asking for this person’s removal. I don’t want anyone thinking I’m trying to push this person out.”

Then why would you bring it up? It could have been handled in a more professional and discreet manner without all the fanfare for the public.

This mayor has on several occasions during her term in office called out citizens and public employees during meetings. Anyone who confronts or disagrees with her normally receives retaliation.

She would rather throw gasoline on the fire than defuse the situation with as little commotion as possible.

In the 40 years I have been here, there has never been a public official who attack and criticizes people in public forums the way she does that I can remember.

Dale Ricker is a Fredonia resident.