Volunteer offers ‘huge’ thanks

Harriet “Skeeter” Tower was honored recently at the Historical Society.

A huge thank you to all the wonderful friends, supporters, and kindred spirits who turned out to thank me for my years of volunteerism in Dunkirk and to send me off to new beginnings in Florida.

I am headed to the retirement community of Penney Farms where everyone volunteers to help each other; it is the culture of the place.

I feel blessed and honored to have come to know so many wonderful people in this city and to see the impact of our shared efforts. I’d like to thank John D’Agostino who believed in me and paid for the first “yard of the week” sign 11 years ago and then encouraged me to write the Sunshine Corner, featuring a newcomer’s discovery of the people, past and present, who make Dunkirk such a special place. I need to also acknowledge the Northern Chautauqua Community Foundation, for without their interest and support, none of the bigger projects would have happened.

It has been a small but active group who have shared a vision of building community within the bounds of this historic core, still very much yearning to be preserved. It is the current leadership of Revitalize Dunkirk which has structured the input of George Grasser’s Partners for a More Livable Western New York (more volunteers) into meaningful partnership with our current responsive administration. It is a winning coalition and like Richard Morrisroe stated, carries the spirit of giving beyond oneself into future success.

I hope to be back periodically as long as I am able. (I’ve been offered a room!) and yes, of course, there are additional projects I’d like to see happen. So, Hasta Leugo amigos!

Harriet “Skeeter” Tower, of Academy Heights neighborhood, is a Dunkirk resident.