Area needs voice to push back on downstate policies


We were all surprised by Sen. Cathy Young’s sudden retirement from the state legislature. She was a tireless advocate for our region and we are feeling the impact of her absence. The radical New York City agenda in Albany is now more out of control than ever. So, choosing the next person to represent us in the senate is critical.

We need someone who can continue that legacy of services while also forging a new path through these very dark times in our state capital.

When I was first approached and asked to run, my initial reaction was to say no. I love serving the people of Chautauqua County as county executive.

But after speaking with friends and family, throughout the region, I came to the realization that in order for us to continue the positive momentum we have in our county, it’s critical that we have a strong voice representing us in the state Senate. This choice is not about ego or status. It’s about where can I best serve the people and have the maximum impact.

I have a strong track record of going above and beyond the traditional role of the elected positions I have held. I have worked with a broad spectrum of people to achieve goals. We have worked together and tackled tough issues like downsizing government, attacking blight in our communities, working collaboratively on difficult issues ranging from the opioid crisis and 911 response times to having a better strategy for Chautauqua Lake and all of our natural assets.

We have started to reverse the cycle of decline and have a new sense of confidence in ourselves and our community. It’s this spirit of working together to face tough challenges, head on, that I wish to bring to Albany. I believe we can unite our region, and all of upstate, to push back against these radical downstate policies and this out-of-control state government. We can ensure our values are being upheld and that our voice is heard, loud and clear, in the state capitol.

On Tuesday, Republicans throughout the 57th Senate District have an important decision to make on who will be our candidate in the general election. I am the endorsed Republican candidate in this primary race. I also have received the support of the Conservative Party and Independence Party for the November election.

I am humbly asking for the support of my fellow Republicans on Primary Day. I will work hard as your candidate in the general election and also as your next state senator.

George Borrello is the Chautauqua County Executive.