Brooks: Mismanagement and insanity

A recent OBSERVER front page headlined “Approved” in large letters showed a drawing of the new Brooks Memorial Hospital that is destined for the village of Fredonia.

What will happen to the current facility in Dunkirk? It seems no one knows. One thing we do know is there has been a horrible job done in the last decade by the Brooks administration. It’s part of the reason the hospital is leaving the city of Dunkirk.

Fredonia, with its addition of a new Brooks Hospital, is now touting regionalism. Yet the mayor will not consider a combined facility that will house both the Fredonia and Dunkirk police. Instead, the Fredonia mayor has said she wants to build a new facility for both fire and police in the village.

That’s not regionalism.

By the way, with Brooks moving to Fredonia that will bring a number of future problems. First, a new roundabout is going in at Routes 20 and 60. Then, along with the new hospital traffic will be that of Fredonia school campus, which is nearly right across the street from the hospital.

How are the ambulances going to maneuver through that?

Adding to this insanity is the village ignoring its infrastructure. Officers at the Fredonia Police Department have been working in a dilapidated station for years. I have been inside of this facility, which is almost like working in a cigar box.

It’s almost as if the Board of Trustees could care less about working conditions for their employees.

In closing, the Brooks Hospital building better not be turned into a housing project. That would be one more mistake in a city that is full of errors.

Richard Makuch is a Dunkirk resident. Send comments to editorial@observertoday.com