Cassadaga criticism is unfair


This letter is in response to the OBSERVER’s View on Cassadaga (June 11) headlined, “Several is likely one.” First, let’s straighten the record on the assumed conflict of interest concerning the mayor and clerk being married. The New York state Commission of Mayors stated that this is quite common in small villages and it is legally allowed in New York state.

Our village attorney has confirmed this. It was also suggested in a prior board meeting, that a third person could sign checks and documents. However, I highly doubt anyone in the village would question the integrity of our mayor and clerk.

The OBSERVER’s claim that “others who wanted the job (mayor) probably do not exist” is undocumented. All it would have taken was a few phone calls to confirm that I would have been interested in becoming mayor if Bill Astry was not. Did you bother to call the Chautauqua County Board of Elections to find out that a petition has been filed for the mayoral seat in November?

So there you have three people interested. This is not counting the other two who would have considered the position, but the timing was not right for them. They wish to remain anonymous.

Personally, Mr. Editor, I wonder what you have against Cassadaga. I am surprised that you do not do your research before forming the “OBSERVER’s view.” It is uninformed perceptions that twist the truth and promote negativity. I will repeat myself – Cassadaga is a beautiful, close knit community. I love living here and invite others to come visit our lakes, businesses and events. You won’t be sorry.

Cindy Flaherty is a village trustee in Cassadaga.