Cassadaga is far from falling apart


I was quite disappointed in the OBSERVER’s View (May 13) that notes Cassadaga should be dissolved and that no one wants to be mayor. Our lakeside village has seen huge improvements in the past few years.

Houses put on the market have been sold quickly. We have seen record-breaking attendance at the beach and increasing numbers for the concerts on the floating stage.

We have adopted a new law to protect our lake. We have adopted a complete streets policy to promote the well being of our citizens and a walking path along Dale Drive will soon be a reality.

Thanks to our diligent village clerk, the village is financially in good shape. The services the village offers have seen a vast improvement in the last year. We collaborate with other municipalities for shared services.

We recently partnered with Lily Dale and received a tree grant that will allow us to plant trees in the area.

The village has a working relationship with the Citizens for a Better Cassadaga and the Cassadaga Lakes Association which has helped contribute to many of the upgrades.

What I don’t think many people realize, is that dissolving a village does not necessarily mean taxes will go down. It does put an end to many of the services provided.

Yes, we have seen some drama in the zoning area, but the zoning, planning boards and our zoning officer are working hard to alleviate this.

Yes, we have seen some conflict in our leadership.

However, there are several people who are willing to step up and take the job as mayor. This is a beautiful, close-knit community. It would be an honor to lead it.

So, Mr. Editor, I invite you to come to Cassadaga and check us out. We are a proud village and plan to remain that way.

Cindy Flaherty is a Cassadaga resident and trustee.


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