Proposal encourages bad behavior

Another proposed state law that comes from the left is really off the wall. It proposes that students in the fourth to eighth grades will not be suspended for their unruly behavior.

Here we go again — forcing our teachers to tolerate bad behavior from the younger kids as well. Where are these self-proclaimed politicians who think they are doing the best thing for not only the kids, but for the underpaid teachers who have to tolerate their stupid laws?

These laws are made up by these idiots who should not be in any political office in the first place. Who are these self-proclaimed guardians of society? Yes, self-proclaimed. Only they think that they know all the answers to our society’s problems, especially those problems in our schools.

Where are these politicians when students with bad behavior injure and kill other students? They are nowhere to be found when families of loved ones who are killed or injured by these unruly kids.

Where are these self-proclaimed leaders who make our laws without even thinking about the honest kids who are victims of those unruly kids? Where are they to observe those families of these victims?

I know where they are. Hiding, They are hiding in Albany — our state capital. They only care about the prisoners locked up and their rights. They also only care about the illegal aliens who are in this country illegally, and welfare.

Where does this insanity stop? It must stop to save this country and this state from the insanity of those incompetent politicians.

We, the people in this state, must finally take a stand to stop these individuals from taking action against the decent people who live in this state. If not, they will make more laws that go against the decent people who live here.

Richard Makuch is a Dunkirk resident.