Red House owners set for new start

After many months of dialogue, debate, rumor and fact finding, the Red House for Youth, LLC., has finally been granted a special use permit by the village of Cassadaga, which will allow us to continue to serve our community as a wedding venue and as a resource for local community and youth serving organizations.

We wanted to take this opportunity to thank the many individuals and businesses throughout the area for their tremendous support and encouragement of us throughout this ordeal.

We are especially grateful to the staff and officials, both elected and appointed, of the village of Cassadaga who throughout this process maintained their professionalism and objectivity despite being the subjects of much undue criticism.

Those who willingly step forward to perform public service in our towns and villages carry a tremendous responsibility to preserve and protect our rights and our community integrity. We all owe these public servants, in all of our communities, a heartfelt thank you.

Much has been written in the paper and in social media about the issues under consideration by the village Zoning Board of appeals and about the concerns, both founded and unfounded, of those who are opposed to the Red House operating as a wedding venue in a residential neighborhood.

Some of the concerns raised by opponents are legitimate and have been acknowledged and addressed by the ZBA in setting forth the conditions under which the Red House will conduct our business. That being said, we are now anxious to move forward in our service to the community.

Thanks again.

Steve and Nancy Wickmark run The Red House for Youth, LLC., in Cassadaga.