Big stone was neighborhood tradition


I hope that some OBSERVER reader can tell me what has happened to a rock from my childhood. From 1933 to 1937 my family lived in the town of Sheridan on King Road about a quarter mile west of Walnut Road on property now owned by Falcone Farms.

Among the wonders of this farm was a big stone in the front yard, just a few feet in from the dirt road. Oh, the imaginative games we played on and around our rock. It stood at least three feet above the ground, was four or so feet long and had a glorious step on which we played with our dolls — and just everything.

Some time after we moved away, the road was widened and paved and the rock magically moved across the road to the front yard of the Burt Wilkinson family. Much later I noticed said rock had moved a mile or east on King Road to property that in my youth was owned by Wesley Blodgett.

Still later, the rock showed up just off King Road at the Walnut Road home of Sherrill Wilkinson, my childhood friend and son of the aforementioned Burt Wilkinson. But it is no longer there.

Now, being very aged I ponder: where are my friends from those days on King Road, and what has happened to our rock?

Lois Barris is a Dunkirk resident.