City incident is apparent lack of respect

As an American veteran, I am outraged by the alleged conduct of an elected official toward an Army nurse who was stationed overseas caring for those who were injured in battle and also those who were deceased.

When this hero returned home to Dunkirk, she was involved in the church choir and also was the chaplain for the Dunkirk Joint Veterans Council Honor Guard. This veteran has been involved in more activities not only as an army nurse, but community activities.

There is no reason why an elected official should harass this individual, but it did happen. A councilman allegedly asked this local hero if she believed in open borders. She replied, “No, I don’t.” This councilman apparently then called this local hero a racist and continued to treat her as a second-class citizen.

If anyone is a second-class citizen, it is the councilman, who I am sure never served this country in the military overseas. If this is the attitude that a local councilman has toward anyone because they don’t agree with him, then this city is in trouble.

He showed no respect for this local hero whatsoever. This Army nurse is Sandra Tapasto. She is a legend and this councilman should take notice that as a veteran I am very concerned about this councilman’s behavior toward a resident of this city.

We have heard the term racist from other Democrats on TV, but who would think we would hear it right here in the city of Dunkirk? If this elected official thinks he is making points with the voters, he is wrong. Maybe if this councilman traveled outside of this city and observed how the other half lives, he just may learn something. But I don’t think he cares. I think he is a large part of what the problem is in this country. There are others who think the same way and it looks like it is part of the Democrat agenda.

I thought this type of radical thinking was only in Washington and Albany. Guess I was wrong.

Richard Makuch is a Dunkirk resident. Send comments to editorial@observertoday.com