Coming too far to fail


Before the discovery of America, the history of humanity was a long saga of domination by one tyrant or another. In much of history that has been true. One cannot work for one’s own success, or development, when subjected to the rule of a tyrant. Sadly, much of history has been a battle of one tyrant against another for supremacy over what was seen as the deplorable horde of uneducated humanity. No wonder progress has been slow.

We are born as an ignorant baby, who needs care and tending by a sympathetic parent. The growth, and development of inborn potential for intelligence, has been treated many times through a malaise of misunderstandings, by uncompromising, ignorant, egos. Over the centuries we have gradually been understanding reality through education. We are just beginning to realize that there must be more to life than any of us have dared to imagine. Much progress has been the result of the promise of the American new world.

This growth of humanity from ignorance to self-conqueror, has been summed up in a book, written by Robert Collier, and titled, “The Secret of the Ages.” In one short paragraph Collier summarizes how mankind has progressed from his early days of cave dwelling ignorance, to a modern today of atom splitting and flights to the moon. He implies that we have only just begun, and who knows where our intelligence will take us. The intelligence of the common man will surely not allow us to be taken down the road to seek leisure rather than self development. Our destiny is in the education and development of our intelligence.

Our destiny is now at a decisive fork in the road. Our battle is not, and never has been, between religion and atheism, Republican or Democrat, but basically between intelligence and ignorance. Many, witnessing the unswerving allegiance to ignorant self service by many, are a bit doubtful of the ability of mankind to overcome the “What’s in it for me,” syndrome, which is so dominant in the self interests of the insecure. The proper education of our potential for intelligence is our true destiny and saving grace.

Adolf Hitler came to power in Germany using propaganda, and telling his people they were a superior type, a master race. It made them feel good to hear that; but actually when he told his people they were a master race it was really true, but it actually applied to the great whole of humanity! We all are! Mankind is the most intelligent creature over all of earths creation. We may be born ignorant but we don’t stay that way for long. Ignorance is incapable of any destiny beyond mayhem.

Order comes only from Intelligence. Intelligence is the atheists word for God. It rules the universe, by coordinating all the energies to create an orderly universe. Ignorance is only the absence of intelligence, just as darkness is nothing but the absence of light. Ignorance and darkness are simply the absence of capability. One day everyone will realize that intelligence is from God. Where else could possibly come from? It is the most controlling force in creation. It makes what is, be!

The progress of mankind has not been due to those who sought, and gained, power over their fellow men. It has come from those who surrendered their intellects to learn more about their environment, and understanding what they observed. They pursued intelligence, not power, and in their pursuit, they gave new power to all, which advanced civilization.

Faith and knowing are not synonyms. We don’t really know where we came from, or how we got here, and we have no idea how long we will be here, or where we will go when we leave. We see it our place to govern the world, but to do so to our own advantage, we must not fall short in our ability to govern ourselves. May God bless America.

Richard Westlund is a Collins resident. Send comments to editorial@observertoday.com