Former Dem wonders about state of party


Impeach, impeach, impeach. It seems that’s all they know.

After two and a half years of investigation, they came up empty. Bob Mueller’s an idiot. The Democrats are now running scared. Attorney General Barr is following the trail of how the investigation started. It’s going to end up with Obama, Hillary, Clapper, Comey, Lynch and Brennan. It’s not going to be pretty.

It’s a dark time in our country. When will it end? Why is John Brennan still holding top secret clearance? He is no longer a government employee. His clearance was supposed to be revoked over a year ago. He is now a commentator on MSNBC, what does that tell you?

Have you seen Nancy Pelosi lately during her speeches to the press? She’s lights on but nobody’s home. I used to be a Democrat, but after the second term of Obama, I couldn’t take it anymore. I became an Independent. Now that Attorney General Barr has cleared our President of no wrong-doing, they’re after his tax records and bank transactions for the last eight years. Democrats, get over it, you lost the election. With Crooked Hillary and with the candidates you came up with, you don’t stand a chance in 2020. Start legislating and compromising.

Take care of illegal immigration and health care. On what grounds do the Democrats think they can impeach a duly elected president? We have a thriving economy, unemployment is at an all-time low, stock markets are doing great, people’s wages are up, and their IRAs are doing well. Our Armed Forces are being overhauled, and brought back to being strong again, after Obama cut spending, and reduced the military to the lowest time since Vietnam.

We are now considered the most powerful nation in the world, which is where we should be. We now have better trade agreements with foreign countries. Why would anyone with a half of brain want to get rid of our president? Should we go backward to the Obama administration? I think not. President Trump has kept almost all of his promises, except for the wall. The Democrats will not work with him, and it’s downright shameful. If you want open borders, sanctuary cities, drivers’ licenses for illegals, free housing, food stamps, medical care, education, etc. then vote Democratic, which is becoming radical socialists. We have our own citizens living on the streets in California, Oregon and Washington state and can’t get any of the benefits that the illegal immigrants are receiving. Illegal means they’re breaking the law by even being in our country.

Immigration is fine, as long as it’s done legally. The Democratic party is a far cry from where it was 30 or 40 years ago. Mexico favors illegals working in our country, and sending their money back to Mexico. The Mexican government actually encourages the illegals to keep speaking Spanish, and not learn to speak English. These immigrants are not all Mexicans, there are illegals coming from Honduras, Ecuador, Guatemala, El Salvador, the Congo and even China. Remember when the Democrats were saying there was no crisis, it was manufactured by President Trump? Well, lo and behold, now it’s a full-fledged crisis. We need the wall yesterday. Our country is in real turmoil, and our people are sick and tired of it. The Center for Disease Control says that these illegals haven’t been vaccinated and they’re carrying mumps, measles, ebola and tuberculosis.

May God Bless our country, and Donald Trump. Like Nancy Pelosi would say, we’ll pray for the Democrats. Democrats should wake up and smell the roses .We are a democratic republic, and no matter what, will never be socialists.

Phillip Maslak Sr. is a Dunkirk resident.