Accusations fly in light of facts

An article headlined “Goodell accused of racist language,” which is typical of those Democrats in Albany and Washington, appeared in the OBSERVER on July 21. The only thing that I can observe that Goodell stated was real world and working world. How can anyone honestly say that those words were racist?

Only a Democrat would think like that. The Democrats seem to be the only party that has been using that word for their own benefit, only when they try to avoid the actual truth of any subject.

They are using this word as an excuse again to avoid the truth. So I would like to take this opportunity to thank Goodell for trying to get at the truth. We need more politicians like him to constantly get at the truth without being harassed by the Democrats in Albany.

Goodell speaks for all citizens in this state who are sick and tired of the Democrats in Albany who don’t seem to care about the taxpayers and citizens of this state by making laws for illegals, for prisoners and also for those who refuse to work for their money and receive free money from the taxpayers.

Those who don’t work have better benefits than the average working man and woman in this state. The Democrats probably will call that remark racist as well. I say to them, too damn bad. Do your job for the people in this state instead of being more concerned for prisoners, illegals and welfare. Start to worry about us, not them.

Thank God for Andy Goodell, who is fighting for the average working people in this state who are sick and tired of liberal thinking in Albany and also Washington. It would be wise for them to finally get their act together once and for all. Thanks again, Andy Goodell, for caring about the working people.

Recently, as many are aware, a councilman in Dunkirk used that same word, “racist.” Too bad.

Richard Makuch is a Dunkirk resident. Send comments to editorial@observertoday.com


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