Change in dates can help city boat race flourish

It was a race in Dunkirk — and the comments from Speedonthewater.com were not correct. Those have been generated from our competitors.

The Dunkirk event is coming off back-to-back races in St. Clair, Mich., and Michigan City, Ind., which cause difficulty moving equipment for the third week in a row. This is a venue that is wanted and can be a major event.

We need to look at the dates on existing schedules and come up with the dates that work for the future. We offered the highest purse in offshore racing and because of many of these factors they still could not make this race.

The boats from each class that raced in Dunkirk received points for their positions and will be added to the Clearwater race next month and total out after the Key West Races in November for a National Championship.

The city and Race World Offshore have taken a criticism from certain factions of this city, and it is not fair for the city staff, all the people involved, and the boats that made the effort to travel great distances to participate. After the races, everyone I talked with were excited and had a good time and said thank you. Why such criticism now?

I feel all the negativity has been blown way out of proportion by critics in the city that are attacking the mayor. You have a city government that is only trying to do the best for the city.

Does everyone there want things to continue like they have been for the past 30 years?

I think the city is changing. Going after changes sometimes has consequences, but you learn from them; see what can be changed to make it better.

We have learned that for this event to thrive, we need to look at a different date. You can’t have three races in a row across the country and expect to have a high boat count. I have discussed this with the mayor and he agrees.

I think you have one of the best city staff and mayors working for you. It’s very easy to sit back and complain and another to make things happen for your community.

Larry Bleil is founder of Race World Offshore, LLC.