Sacred park disturbed by protests, concerts

The Memorial Park in the city of Dunkirk is a sacred area put aside for the veterans who gave their lives for our country. It is not a place for protests of any kind.

It is not a place for cars to be parked for any concert. Concerts should be in another area of the city.

The last protest with about 35 people had placed protest signs on the veterans’ monuments. This is a disgrace to those veterans. I don’t know who gave these people permission to do this disgraceful act, but it has to stop. Especially parking those cars around the monuments. That also was a disgrace.

The police were kind enough to tag those cars of people who had respect for the fallen. If it were not for those fallen veterans, those people would not have the right to desecrate this sacred land of the fallen. I am not only upset with the city of Dunkirk officials, but also with those who took it upon themselves to do this disrespectful act. If people don’t like those decisions made in Washington, then go there and protest and ask Congress why they don’t do enough for the illegals.

They have done nothing, so go there and do your protesting — not here in a Memorial Park for those fallen vets. All veterans are very upset over this situation and want answers why this had occurred.

I had texted a member of the mayor’s team, but no reply to my text. What is the problem to answer my request? Memorial Park is only used for families to attend; for families to get together as a family to respect those grounds, not for any kind of protests or concerts.

There are other areas in the city to have concerts, like the land next to the hotel. It is too bad that the city pier was taken away for those engagements. City residents who enjoyed the pier not only for concerts, but for the enjoyment of parking and fishing; that is now all taken away for only reasons we will never know.

Richard Makuch is a Dunkirk resident.