The People’s Column

Respect missing at meetings


What is going on with the Fredonia mayor, the trustees and village attorney? The recent calling out of officials is wrong.

This should be talked about in closed doors, not on TV or in the newspaper.

This is all about politics and the election coming up. I’ve never seen a mayor, trustees and attorney do this before. This mayor wants to be a dictator. She is not what Fredonia needs. I think the taxpayers will agree with me and the election will prove it.

When she purchased that truck the trustees should have known about it and should have voted, that’s their job. She says if we didn’t buy it now, it would have been gone. That’s a lot of baloney.

There are other automobile dealers who sell trucks. These people are running this little village like the Democrats and Republicans are running our nation. If we have something to say, let’s consult each other. Not bring it out on TV and newspaper just to try to get political gains.

People in Fredonia are not stupid. They are smart and wonderful people. When the election is here, we need to vote for people who can run this village, not for politics, but for the TAXPAYERS.

Bottom line: don’t argue with each other, talk to each other with respect.



Tracy ‘all heart’ with schools


I want to take this opportunity to praise Dr. James Tracy, recent superintendent of the Dunkirk City Schools.

I first became acquainted with Dr. Tracy as a co-member of the Salvation Army advisory board.

I asked to meet with him to discuss the possibility of Dunkirk City School joining in an arts-based grassroots effort to help our community become free of child-trauma, neglect and abuse. He was not only receptive to this idea, but put energy into supporting this effort through multiple channels, including offering use of the Dunkirk City School facilities for three separate community events that were well attended.

He also helped facilitate a visionary after-school program with our grassroots program. Not only the consummate professional, Dr. Tracy is “all heart.”

He attended every steering committee meeting for the grassroots effort and actively participated in conveying the mission of the program to create a community where our children can thrive.

He “got the word out” by communicating with parents, teachers, and youth.

He demonstrated his commitment to the community and was generous in sharing his extensive understanding of children and children’s issues. The Dr. Tracy I know is a quiet, dignified man, with a heart of gold. Kind, immensely intelligent, respectful, and highly respected, Dr. Tracy will be sorely missed by our child-abuse prevention grassroots program, our community, and me.



Reunion was

‘nice weekend’


Many “thanks” go out to Dorothy Vacanti-Lawrence and Bob Kaus and their teams(and the Clarion) for a very nice weekend, celebrating 60 years after the fun years of the ’50s.

I’ve been back for several Cardinal Mindszenty reunions over these many years and always questions about friends from Dunkirk High and Fredonia High Schools were part of the discussions.

This combined gathering was perfect and a great idea. Sister Cynthia started us out with a “down to earth” blessing at dinner, Saturday, and I would just like to share something with Y’all till the 65th:

May the road rise to meet you,

May the wind be always at your back,

May the sun shine warm upon you face,

And the rains fall soft upon your fields,

And, until we meet again,

May God hold you in the palm of His hand.


Charles Town, W.Va.