Did benefits assist in heinous crimes?


This is in response to the OBSERVER article headlined “Mexican living in Dunkirk sentenced on child pornography charge.” The U.S. attorney James Kennedy Jr. announced that David Flores Torres, 26, a citizen of Mexico, was living in Dunkirk.

Let’s take a closer look at this pervert. How long was this person living in Dunkirk? How did he get here? How did he survive?

Was he on benefits paid for by the taxpayers? He had to live here long enough to have a cellular telephone, which contained 79 images and 14 videos of child pornography. Some of those images depicted prepubescent minors or minors less than 12 years old, as well as depictions of violence.

Torres also received and distributed child pornography from and to others with whom he communicated using a cell phone and Internet. The defendant also disclosed that on three occasions during 2017 and 2018, he engaged in sexual contact with two other minors, victims under 18 years old.

Now it seems to me that this man living in the city of Dunkirk for years would come under the category of an illegal alien that is living here. My question is: how many more of these illegal aliens are here and why did they pick Dunkirk?

My next question regards money spent on the pier. Our roads are terrible. We have empty stores, an empty lot across from City Hall where there was a fire years ago, and no replacement.

There is no downtown district. The stores are in the town, with the new plant as well. The ice cream plant was in the process of building on to their business years ago. They just started now. All Central Avenue has is clinics, no shopping at all.

So where is the progress in this city? Oh, I know – the new homes that are being built, but not for the taxpayers, only for those on benefits. What a joke.

Richard Makuch is a Dunkirk resident. Send comments to editorial@observertoday.com


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