If you’re working, keep paying

This article is a tribute to the American taxpayers and the trials and tribulations that those taxpayers have to experience on a daily basis. They have to pay their bills with no help from the government.

They have to work, some have to work two jobs to survive. I have spoken to some of those taxpayers and they have to pay seven hundred dollars a month for health care with a co-pay of $2,700 dollars per wife and husband. That’s not counting their house payments, their car payments, college for their kids.

They also have to pay for groceries for their families out of their pay. They have to pay taxes on everything, especially to the state, county and federal governments.

Some of those taxes go for the those who live off of the taxpayers. Those people get everything for nothing – groceries, rent, benefits such as dental, surgeries, doctors. They also receive free bus rides, free emergency room treatments, free cell phones, free computers.

The taxpayers also have to pay for the lunches in school because some are too lazy to fix them breakfast and lunch. That benefit is part of their payment, but they don’t use it for that. Who knows what they use it for?

At tax time, those on the benefit wagon receive $2,000 per child. For the working taxpayers, some have to pay the government back while others only receive maybe over a $1,000 from all the work they do to not only support themselves, but also to support those benefitting from the system.

There are now new houses along Main and Maple streets. I always thought if you wanted a home, you worked first, then you have to pay a mortgage and down payment, which they pay for for decades, but not the freeloaders. I contacted one of our county legislators and asked him to find out why this state does not have a residency law? Out-of-staters are ripping the taxpayers off. I still have not received an answer. Now Gov. Andrew Cuomo wants illegals to have drivers’ licenses and “free college?” He seems to have forgotten that they are illegal and not citizens.

Pure lunacy!

Richard Makuch is a Dunkirk resident.