Democracy allows for tainted facts

This article discusses two major topics. The first pertains to the Memorial Park that was used for a political protest and those who used the monuments as props for their political ignorance.

A recent commentary was headlined, “This land and park is made for you and me.” It also stated that the city promotes celebrations of democracy. The writer downplays the actual meaning of this park. The writer implied the park was a memorial for those who sacrificed their lives so others can use the park for their political ideals.

That is not what the park was intended for. The writer also states those men and women also fought for internal enemies. That is very strange because this writer seems to be in that category with her friends. The original park was a city dump that was cleaned up and made a Memorial Park by veterans, not civilians.

This misunderstood writer wrote that I do not understand democracy. For the record, I was overseas serving my country in the military so I think I can speak to a democracy.

My next comment goes out to the Fredonia residents who came to the Common Council meeting to speak in favor of a methadone clinic in Dunkirk. My suggestion to those from Fredonia is to place the clinic in the new hospital in Fredonia — the same hospital that they took from the city of Dunkirk.

Better yet, tell your Village Board to support a clinic. There are people in this city that would rather not have it here.

Richard Makuch is a Dunkirk resident. Send comments to editorial@observertoday.com


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