Fun and games with little results

Downtown business district in the city of Dunkirk has been failing. It has been neglected by this administration for the last four years.

Instead of concentrating on this district, this administration has concentrated on other non-important issues such as the city pier, which was a waste of time and money, boat races, and air shows. All of this instead of the city business district in this city.

They wasted money of the purchase of the Stearns building, instead of that money to purchase a building that could be more useful such as the P & G Market for a possible bus depot.

Four years of concentration on non-important issues. What a waste of time. All we observe in the downtown district are banners showing business district. My question is, where is it? All I see are vacant buildings that were once a busy business district.

It appears Gov. Andrew Cuomo wants a sanctuary state with counties downstate. Already in the hands of illegals, this administration is very close to Cuomo. Are they close enough to go along with those crazy ideas from Albany? Who knows? For those who are not aware of what a sanctuary city is, look at New York City and California. They protect the illegal aliens with free everything, even drivers’ licenses. So be careful what you wish for.

Shaun Heenan wants mini stores in the downtown area to replace those vacant buildings. Paul VanDenVouver wants to investigate repowering the NRG plant. These are ideas that are important, not non-important issues.

This city needs more planning if this city is to progress like it should have for the last four years. I am very disappointed in the lack of those ideas that this administration should have had for our downtown business district.

Hopefully, that will all change. We need our business district back again. It is a shame what has happened to it. It is a shame what has happened to the NRG power plant.

No city can progress under these circumstances.

Richard Makuch is a Dunkirk resident.


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