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As we again approach the annual celebration of the Reformation (Oct. 31) we not only remember and praise God His working to correct His church. We are also reminded how our lives as Christians are continually undergoing reformation. We continually recognize that we are not perfect. We make mistakes. We do what we should not do and we fail to do what we ought. Such things do not surprise us for we know that we are sinners. Not only because of what we do, but because sinfulness is a part of our DNA.

As Christians we also know that the sins we commit are our disobeying God. Letting sin be a part of our lives is contrary to the way our God wants us to live. Sin being a part of our DNA does not give us any excuses. So we try to live God pleasing lives. We try to do the right things. We use God’s commandments as a guide for how we live.

To try to live that life we need additional help. That help comes from God. Trying to live good God pleasing lives will never get us into heaven. So God had to provide the means for us to get there. He sent His own Son, Jesus Christ to take our place, live that necessary perfect life, and then sacrifice that perfect innocent life on a cross. His death gives us new life. God is able to be just and also to now forgive all our sins. His resurrection from the dead is the assurance that God provides us with a new life that will last into eternity.

It is that saving work that helps us to try to reform our lives now. Trusting His loving saving work, we look to Him to guide, correct, comfort, and forgive us as we go through life. So all He has done and continues to do for us motivates us all the more to try to be better in how we treat God and treat other people. We will never be perfect in this life, but we are forgiven. We have God’s Holy Spirit working in us. Our gracious, merciful, loving God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, is always at work reforming us. We do not stop trying to live in accord with His will.

Our trying to reform ourselves because of God’s reforming work in us is reinforced by fellow Christians. Find out more about the reformation we all need. Please visit or contact St. Paul Lutheran Church, Fredonia (672-6731 or stpaullcfredonia@outlook.com), Immanuel Lutheran Church, Gowanda (532-4342), or Trinity Lutheran Church, Silver Creek (934-2002).


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