Women’s event brings plenty of awareness

Female empowerment has moved closer to the Dunkirk area with the recent conference sponsored by the city of Dunkirk, OBSERVER and others in the beginning of September 2019.

The title, “Wonderful World of Women,” indicated the possible theme of this networking effort as a first attempt to bring women into the spotlight, locally. Their underdog status has survived too long with women being in second place with years of gender discrimination. It will be 100 years of voters’ rights for women in 2020, and the stage for complete vindication from servitude has not even been close to ridding females of being in “bondage.”

Having said that, women need some major steps to push open these inhibiting social norms that limit progress and upward mobility. Historically, women’s diminished social status contributes to financial neediness, exposure to general hardship and excessive physical and mental abuse over the years. The “Violence Against Women Act” of 1994 has not passed in Congress yet. Due to several unjustified reasons, such as, stonewalling, lack of agreement on the bill particulars by politicians and too much conservative leanings (one party dominance) have delayed renewing passage to name a few drawbacks.

As for the conference, women’s safety with a martial arts presentation, entrepreneurship/business development/sales as displays, support organizations geared for women’s needs plus traditional women areas on family issues were available. In addition, there were workshops by some community people with coping with drugs in the family, local police talked about human trafficking and efforts to combat this unconscionable act. The results of some negative outcomes can improve safety/security, well-being, and health in the family setting stood out to the attendees.

Awareness to this “wonderful world,” based on the last five years of events has to be pepped up by community resources. Somehow, to accept the current trends of “neglect” only perpetuates the status quo of a “lick and promise” of change. No longer is good enough, good enough.

What can the public, in general, do to change and improve this endless marathon of less positive action? Suggestions welcomed…

Kudos to the sponsors and all the participants. I hope that this can be annually.

The playing field must be level to make sure future young women can handle the challenging future. Make any barrier obsolete. Today’s STEM push is one way to do that.

Is it possible that 50% of the population can feel welcomed to do their best; yes, I mean women, many claim their better half!

Jeanne Polisoto, Forestville resident, is a former mental health counselor.


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