Without work, some are doing just fine

This is regarding the recent “newsmaker of the month” commentary in the OBSERVER headlined “Republicans raise your taxes again.”

In the article, it stated that 18 percent in Chautauqua County are living in poverty. My question: is that before they receive their welfare checks or after they receive their welfare checks, because it seems some are living a lot better life than those hard-working families who have to survive on two incomes to live a better life.

Let’s take a hard look at our state capital in Albany. If you think the Republicans in Mayville are spending, then you better take a hard look at the Democrats in Albany. They are on a constant rampage of spending your hard-earned tax money on prisoners, illegal aliens, giving them free college, free benefits, free drivers’ licenses, free cell phones, free computers – that’s not counting what the welfare program gives them as well. They receive the same free handouts.

The Democrats not only give our tax money away like candy, but they pass legislation that is out of this world. Now this group of radicals state the death penalty is inhumane because taking the life of another person is not right.

Where in God’s name are the radicals in Albany coming from? It sure is not from this planet. They seem to forget about the honest working families in this state. They seem to think more of criminals, illegals and freeloaders than they do those hard-working families. My question is: why don’t they have any common sense at all? Are they that out of touch with real life in this state?

They seem to act more like the politicians in California, New York City, Washington, D.C. and all those liberal states and cities that think more of illegals, criminals and freeloaders.

When will the honest citizens of this country claim that respect that they deserve from these politicians? Never.

Richard Makuch is a Dunkirk resident. Send comments to editorial@observertoday.com


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