Democrats love the distractions

As an American and a Marine veteran, I am appalled and disgusted with the Democratic party.

It’s no secret that the Democrats wanted Hillary Clinton elected as president. Two days after Donald Trump was elected, the Dems were calling for impeachment. They have accused Trump of collusion, obstruction and everything else they could think of. After almost three years of investigations, they’ve come up empty.

They’ve even cried racism, which is far from the truth. Whether or not you like him, he’s done more for our country than the last administration.

Trump said he would clean up the swamp in Washington, and now the swamp is fighting back. Sen. Al Green said we’d better impeach him now or he’ll get re-elected in 2020.

All of the things that the Dems have accused him of, the Dems have already done, or are in the process of doing now. They’re now accusing Trump of a phone call to the Ukraine. Since when is our president not allowed to have conversations with foreign countries?

Take a look at Joe Biden. He’s as crooked as a broken crutch. He was the point man for Barack Obama. His son, Hunter Biden, who was thrown out of the Navy for drug use, was appointed to the Board of Directors of a power company with no knowledge of anything related to natural gas or electric.

An investigator was assigned to investigate Burisma and Hunter Biden. Good old Joe Biden flew over to the Ukraine, called the president of the Ukraine, and threatened to withhold a billion dollars in aid, unless the investigator was fired. Joe then went on to brag about it, saying “what do you know, they fired the son of a … .”

The tide is now about to turn for the Dems. I think the American people will be surprised to learn of all of the corruption in the Democratic party. I said it before an I’ll say it again, it all starts with Obama, Hillary Clinton, James Comey and certain people in the CIA. Just take a good look at the Democratic candidates for president. Elizabeth Warren is one who wants open borders and also provide anyone crossing the border to welfare, health care, food stamps and housing. The radical Dems are whackos. How crazy this whole thing has been.

We’ve got a do-nothing Congress hell-bent for impeaching our duly elected president. The Mayor of New York City signed a bill into law forbidding anyone to use the term “illegal alien,” or you could face a fine of $250,000. Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib is selling t-shirts with “impeach the mother … .”

Aren’t these wonderful examples for our younger generation? The new green deal is just another way to stir the pot. If you go back 150 years, you’ll see dramatic weather changes, it’s called Mother Nature doing her thing.

How about Maxine Waters telling everyone to get into Republicans’ faces, no matter if it’s in a restaurant, supermarket or gas station. Are these the types of people that we want running our country? The American people are sick and tired of what has been going on for almost three years.

The media, especially CNN and MSNBC are broadcasting nothing but made up conspiracies and lies. God Bless our president, and the United States of America.

Kudos to Mary Ann Herrington for her recent article on City Hall perks.

Phillip Maslak Sr. is a Dunkirk resident.


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